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E-Cigarette Bans Are Absurd In this article (view the full article here) by Cameron English, he takes a look at the areas taking a fight against e-cigarettes: 

 "According to the Boston Globe, 10 communities in Massachusetts have banned the smoking alternatives in workplaces, and a number of medical researchers have come out against e-cigs. Dr. Paula Johnson, a cardiologist and head of Boston's Public Health Commission called e-cigs devices that deliver a “toxic, addictive substance.” Authorities in Australia, where e-cigs are illegal, have also criticized their use because they don't help smokers quit nicotine and allegedly pose “a serious health risk.” 

Statements like these seem to leave the opinions of the authorites without merit, they provide no real evidence that e-cigs are causing serious health risks, unlike the commonly practiced tobacco cigarette which has been proven to have thousands of horrible chemicals. Then why is it that these people feel so strongly against e-cigarettes? It has stumped many people keeping up on the subject. Australia has stated its opinion on the matter though: “Because e-cigarettes mimics [sic] smoking in both design and use, the ACT Health Directorate does not support [their use].'' Is this a valid reason? Most seem to think not. Who cares if it emulates a real cigarette if the effect is to quit or cut down on real cigarettes? 

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